Modmii 4.4.5 & WasabiDX Modchip

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    Jan 19, 2011
    Firstly, what a brilliant tool. Ive spent a long time trawling through mod guides only to find they didnt exactly match my situation or i came to a halt midway through because of some error. Now we have a superbly accurate and complete tool.

    As the title states i had a 4.2E with a WasabiDX v3.0 installed. I disabled all the wasabidx featues and then set about updating the wii. The wasabidx was activated using rest+3xEject on bootup where you could then set to disable updates etc.

    I executed ModMii 4.4.5 to update all channels, install priiloader etc. When i went back to reactiviate the WasabiDX
    all i get is WiiGators Backup Launcher. Ive obviously overwritten something

    Is it possible to have both priiloader and a wasabidx ?

    I know you may say that i dont now need the wasabidx but im just curious, hers my modmii log

    Your unique list of wads to install are as follows:

    * IOS11v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS20v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS30v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS50v14889(IOS50v4889[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS60v16174(IOS60v6174[FS-ES-NP])
    * IOS70v16687(IOS70v6687[FS-ES-NP])
    * cIOS202[57]-v5
    * cIOS223[37-38]-v4
    * cIOS222[38]-v5
    * cIOS224[57]-v5
    * cIOS250[57]-v20
    * cIOS249[56]-v20
    * RVL-cmios-v4_WiiGator_GCBL_v0.2
    * Mii-Channel-NUS-v6
    * Photo-Channel-1.1-NUS-v3
    * Shopping-Channel-NUS-v20
    * Opera-Internet-Channel-NUS[E]
    * Weather-Channel-NUS-v7[E]
    * NEWS-Channel-NUS-v7[E]
    * Wii-Speak-Channel-NUS[E]
    * IOS9-64-v1034
    * IOS12-64-v526
    * IOS13-64-v1032
    * IOS14-64-v1032
    * IOS15-64-v1032
    * IOS17-64-v1032
    * IOS21-64-v1039
    * IOS22-64-v1294
    * IOS28-64-v1807
    * IOS31-64-v3608
    * IOS33-64-v3608
    * IOS34-64-v3608
    * IOS35-64-v3608
    * IOS36-64-v3608
    * IOS37-64-v5663
    * IOS38-64-v4124
    * IOS41-64-v3607
    * IOS43-64-v3607
    * IOS45-64-v3607
    * IOS46-64-v3607
    * IOS48-64-v4124
    * IOS53-64-v5663
    * IOS55-64-v5663
    * IOS56-64-v5662
    * IOS57-64-v5919
    * IOS58-64-v6176
    * IOS61-64-v5662
    * USBLoader(s)-ahbprot58-SD-USB-v8-IDCL
    This is a forwarder channel that will load the first file it finds from the following list:
    Notes: IOS58 is required to launch apps from an SD Card and hard drives formatted as
    FAT32, NTFS, ext2, ext3 and ext4. It also supports meta.xml arguments
    and is able to launch apps with direct hardware access.
    You should always have at least one forwarder channel installed on your Wii,
    that way, in the event of accidental update, you will be able to rehack your Wii without relying on a disc based exploit

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    here's a copy and paste of the answer I gave u yesterday when u asked the same question on another popular ModMii webpage, I'm sure u know the one.