Modified Wii Online Capacity - Need Help

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Douglasmcc23, Jun 17, 2009.

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    I bought the bundled version of Tigers Woods '10 - had a gift card and wanted the Wii-mote Plus so I went ahead and took the plunge. I have modified my system over the last few months - currently to 4.0u with Homebrew Channel and other backup players (NeoGamma, etc.). I disabled my WiiConnect 24 and other online programs when I first started upgrading and haven't seen a need to try to go online since then. However, I would really like to try Tiger Woods online. So I had a few questions (and before I get flamed, I did look for answers on the forums, but couldn't find what I needed so I am asking now):

    1.) Can I turn WiiConnect 24 back on? Can I use online services such as Forecast and News Channel without fear of my system being banned?
    2.) Can I play purchased games - such as Tiger Woods - online?
    3.) Can I play burned/ backed-up games online?

    Any help or a link to online use with a modified system would be helpful and appreciated.
  2. Fiesty Panda

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    1.) Yes you could, but your wii could be bricked via a wii system update that Wii connect 24 downloads and installs without your permission.
    2.) Yes, you can. Nintendo has the power to see what channels you do have installed and such, but they have never done anything about it, and most likely won't in the future.
    3.) Yup, same case as #2.
  3. Tagg7

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    Nintendo has currently not done anything to users who go online with hacked systems. I have a feeling that they can't detect it, and would be loath to do anything even if they could.
  4. Richy Freeway

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    This won't happen. As has been said hundreds of times there is no code anywhere on the Wii that will automatically update your Wii without your permission.

    As the Wii currently stands you HAVE to authorise all online updates. If you accept one "accidentally" then that is no ones fault but your own.
  5. jargus

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    Once you get past the Helath screen in a game, there is no way for nintendo to know if its a real copy or not