Modern Christian music kinda sucks

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    I get what you're saying. I listen to classic country music and then if modern country music it's very easy to tell the difference, modern country music is just pop music with country music in name only.

    People are losing their values, their cultures, their identities, their traditions, etc.
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    Still like jars of clay...
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    As someone who plays set in a christian worship band for church services: I am inclined to agree.

    We play a lot of newer modern stuff from K-Love radio and I think it mostly sounds the same. Every sunday I will be handed a stack of music and I can't keep them straight because they are all named nearly identical names or sound so samey. Don't get me wrong, there are a few that really get me going, but for the most part I think this topic holds true.

    Something I feel is worth noting, worship music is made for worshiping. I know that certainly doesn't excuse it from being boring, it might mean more to certain people (like me) who are Christian and attach meaning to said boring songs. I hope none of you take that as exclusionary, I simply mean that it might not mean the same to a non christian, much like any other religious song would mean less to me.
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    Aug 17, 2012
    I don't know many modern Christianic song, but I see that nothing chagnes from last decade or more. Youtube says that right here are still popular older songs with new arrangment. I'm not big fan of that music, but I think that music play own role good, proper way. That songs are calm, slow, pretty melodic tunes, some with chours, repetitve messages, with pauses for make it more contemprary, with space for your own verse, sounds like lullables, some are more energetic for camp climate like oh happy day. People still sing that oldies on camps. Anyway I agree with others, the point is that modern music sounds just very soulless. The best modern Christianic song is silence.
    example song