Model#:SDC/1GBKR vs Model#:SDC/1GB

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    I was browsing around on Newegg looking for either someKingston 1gb MicroSD's or Toshiba 1gb MicroSD's to purchase and I've came to two listings on Newegg that confused me.

    Kingston 1GB MicroSD Flash Card Model SDC/1GBKR - Retail


    Kingston 1GB MicroSD Flash Card w/adapter Model SDC/1GB - Retail

    both are for the exact same price and shows the exact same packaging, only difference is that the model numbers are different. does anyone know the difference between the two?

    I myself own 2 japanese Kingston 1gb Micro SD AND 2 taiwan Kingston 1gb Micro SD

    For the Japanese Kingston......
    On the back of the cardboard backing, the number printed is SDC/1GB
    On the MicroSD it is printed SD-C01G Japan

    For the Taiwan Kingston.......
    On the back of the cardboard backing, the number is printed SDC/1GBKR
    On the MicroSD it is printed SDC/1GB Taiwan

    my only confusion is that when vendors or people flash around the MODEL #, are they talking about the # on the back of the cardboard backing or the # on the micro SD itself? because the # (SDC/1GB) is on the cardboard of the japanese kingston, but also on the microsd of the taiwan kingston, so things sorta get confusing.

    if only we were all positive of one specifc vendor who only carried the japanese manufactured kingstons, life would be much easier [​IMG]

    thanks in advance
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    from what i hear people who order SDC/1GBKR model from newegg get a japanese around 75% of the time. However, i have not personally ordered one yet but will be doing so within the next 3 days.
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    I ordered an SDC/1GBKR from newegg, and it was Japanese.

    It says SD-C01G Japan (in "big" letters) and SDC/1GB (in microscopic letters) on the card itself. I believe it said SDC/1GBKR on the packaging, but I don't have that around anymore to check.

    According to Kingston's website, the KR version is 'Kingston Retail", but they don't mention any difference in the actual cards.

    If you really care about getting a Japanese card, get a Toshiba SD-C01G. It's the same exact card as the Japanese Kingston, but it costs twice as much and there is no Taiwanese version.