Modding Wii-U/vWii, and transferring from Wii v4.1u?

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    Dec 24, 2013
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    Hello there! The name's... y'know what :lol:

    A month ago, I'd just gotten a Wii-U and decided to mod it, blah blah blah :yayu:
    Sadly, the only thing is that I do not know where to start and isn't sure whether not I have the materials. :wacko:

    Wii v4.1u (3-4 years old)
    Wii-U: Deluxe LoZ Windwaker Limited Edition (Possibly up to date)
    The Wii, my uncle had it modded for me and I wasn't sure how. He's currently not speaking to us all now.

    I do not own Smash Stack, The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, or Super Smash Bros. Brawl disc (that, only USB Flashdrive for Wii). I wasn't sure if BootMii patches updates for any reasons, so instead I left it alone to not risk getting it bricked. But apparently, the update is what I need to install get into the shop.

    Okay, so what I really want to know is exactly how to mod my Wii-U/vWii without any risks, and the questions below.

    Questions (4):
    1. Q: Will I be able to access USB Loader GX when I mod Wii-U/vWii?
    2. Q: Is it possible to transfer my Miis (from Wii, to Wii-U/vWii) and locked data?
    3. Q: I've downloaded WADs off the internet and installed channels of classical games (Like Sonic 3, Mario 1-3, N64 games and WiiXPlorer) but I cannot open nor copy any of them onto vWii from my SD Card. Why is this?
    4. Q: When modded, are there any "disabilities" or "limitations" to vWii, or the WiiU itself? Like how the modded Wii prevented updates, browsers, the shop and some other special features? What about Wi-Fi?
    This thread was rushed, and I could have posted it earlier if it wasn't for having insufficient privileges. If there was anything that I'd forgot to add, please tell.