Modding L4D2- Program?

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    So, this is for the decrypters/encrypters out there.
    Me and some people are trying to make a L4D2 mod tool, but none of us know how to find the encryption/decryption routine in this file- Default.xex

    This is what i was told to do:
    "You disassemble the xex, find the decryption and encryption routines and create a program to do it.

    The xex files are in assembly, PPC, so you need to learn that too.

    IDA xex loaders here : Xbox-Scene News: Xorloser Xbox360 Dev Tools: XexTool, Xex and PPC Altivec Support for IDA"

    If anyone could help, it would be appreciated, and id help you guys get L4D2 mods.

    Pretty much, i need someone to find the Decryption/encryption routine, and make a simple program that encrypts/decrypts it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Btw, ill give whoever makes it a 6$ walmart Giftcard (it's 6$ cause i spent most of it on wires)