Modded wii sound crackling and cutting out

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    Jul 2, 2014
    I bought a wii used from EB games and soft modded it with the Homebrew channel.

    I played abut 40 hours of xenoblade chronicles, and everything was working completely fine, but then over a few days time I experienced the onset of severe crackling and sometimes periods of complete muting of the sound.

    Symptoms and description:
    1. Seems to follow no rhyme or reason: Onset of crackling TENDS to come after the console has been on for extended periods, and get worse as time goes on.
    2. Shutting it off does not seem to help. I turn it back on and the crackling persists.
    3. Leaving the console off for a duration of time (maybe overnight) MAY help. Often times when i wake up and turn the console on i experience no symptoms for a few hours. However sometimes i wake up and turn it on and will experience the crackling almost immediately (once again, follows no rhyme or reason)
    4. It can go away and come back for periods during the same play session. Some moments the sound will be very static with muting duration up to 10 seconds, and other moments there will be little to no issues.
    5. I seem to experience it with some sounds more than others (in xenoblade). Background noise for some zones will be very crackly, but menu noise is almost unaffected.
    6. I've checked all my wires to the best of my ability: no tears, firmly connected, cleaned, doesnt exacerbate the problem when i jiggle them.
    7. I just tested and the problem also happens for other games (tested with super smash brawl)
    8. The issue seems to be almost unnoticeable at the wii home screen, but when i load usb loader gx i can still sometimes hear some bass distortion/crackling, so I dont think the problem is game specific. In fact it seems like the bass is what crackles the most in games too.

    I could find absolutely nothing about this on google even after extensive searching. I was hoping that someone could advise me as to whether this is likely a hardware issue, or possibly software related.

    Thanks so much!