Mod my Rockman!

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    Jun 30, 2006
    A buncha people made a port of Megaman 7 and turned it into a PC Nes Port.
    Now what's so great about it is that everything from tilesheets to Rockman himselfs are very easy to edit.
    Link for downloading the game.
    This is the Map Editor that lets you create the maps.
    Now if anyone could translate this it would be great.

    The only downside is the music that is in pttune format. Which i really don't know how to make or programs that can convert it into that file format.
    There prorably is i just haven´t found it yet.

    Some projects so far
    Kirby Pink - Rockman 7 X
    Flame - Rockman 7 Zero
    Files -
    Nightmare - Rockman 7 Sonic
    Vixy - Rockman 7 Vixy
    Tornado Man - Rockman 7 Blues
    speedreemix - Rockman 7 FC Mod - Metal Man