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    I'd been looking longingly at the Wii since way back when it was still reffered to as the revolution, but unfortunately I never had the spare pocket change to pick one up; Subsequently I have been keeping up on the darker side of things (Read: Backup playings, modding.) since the beginning, waiting for something to be released that would be easily doable, and didn't require me to break out the soldering gun. (And thus burning my fingers. And yes I realize there are other solderless mod chips.)

    And Huzzah! the WODE was released recently, the first I had heard about it was right here on GBAtemp, it sounded like the perfect thing...

    This review will be on the WODE's build quality and the website from which I ordered it from ( ).

    First, the website:
    Mod Chips Direct is a fairly simply designed site, offering little selection. You won't find replacement cases, screw-driver sets, controllers, or other gadgetry. Just Mod Chips as the name would imply; And even then, not very many. So aside from the crummy selection and simple site design, what is there to write a review about?

    How about the fact that with free shipping, I received my package the very next day.

    So if you happen to live on the West Coast of the USA, specifically California, you can expect to have EXTREMELY fast shipping on the cheap, I highly reccomend them. Their warehouse looks to be based in Fairfield, CA (Which is just a bit off the SF Bay). Again, unfortunately they have crap selection of things to choose from.

    Second, the WODE:
    Unboxing the WODE was simple, it was put in a USPS Priority Mail Legal Size Envelope (It was able to fit in to my small apartment mail box amazingly enough.)

    Now I'm not sure if the WODE is supposed to come in a box or not, but the one I received was packed with thin sleeve of foamy material, and bubblewrap. I'm also not sure if it is supposed to come with a Tri-Wing and a Phillips head screwdriver set, if not, then more kudos to MCD [​IMG] .

    On the down side though, when I did finally take the bubblewrap off, a piece of the WODE fell on to the floor:
    And putting it back on would just end up with it falling back off, so I foresee it being super-glued back on. Also if you look, thank god for the protective screen on the LCD, it took the brunt of what ever happened to it (It's fairly scratched up, I blame shoddy USPS handling.) and is fine underneath.

    Also, if you notice my USB cord has two heads on it, This is in case one plug is insufficient in powering your USB HDD (That is, if your USB HDD does not have a power cord for it.)

    All in all, I consider this to have been a great experience, and would recommend the WODE and Mod Chips Direct to anyone looking for a quick solution for playing backups on a Wii. WODE build quality could have been a bit better, but as it is easily remedied and of little consequence (It still works fine) I don't consider it a disappointment.