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    For those that missed it one of our fairly new members Gericom has been working on a nice GUI driven Mario Kart DS hacking tool- game specific tools, much less GUI sporting ones, are still quite rare for DS games. Mario Kart has had a fair few hacks ( is a nice place to start for that) over the years starting with some people swapping tracks and adding tracks from the demo/beta but eventually file formats were figured out which brings us to this stage. Although it started out as mario kart DS it is rapidly heading into areas that make it a valuable general purpose tool as well.[/p]

    A partial featurelist includes
    CARC & NARC Support (archive files used by DS games)
    NKM Editor (3d makes the visuals but these files make the track layout)
    KCL Viewer
    NCGR, NSCR Viewer (common 2d graphics formats on the DS)
    NSBTX Viewer & Little Editor (But it doesn't work good at all, the mkds emblems works)
    NSBTP Viewer (Included into the NSBTX Viewer / Mini Editor)
    NSBMD Viewer
    LZ77 Decompress and Compress
    NCLR Editor with PAL import and export
    BMG Editor
    BMD Viewer
    NDS Support
    And shortly some STRM, SWAV and SWAR (some of the SDAT audio formats)[/p]

    [​IMG] Author's site
    [​IMG] Thread and discussion
Thread Status:
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