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    On another Zelda:
    "It's really hard to say because we've never had a Zelda that's appeared so early in the life cycle of the system, so it's definitely possible that there would be another Zelda on Wii," he said. "Of course, the challenge is that typically a Zelda game is something that takes three years to develop, so we'll just have to wait and see."

    On Pikmin 3:
    "I certainly don't think we've seen the last of Pikmin," he said. "I definitely would like to do something with them, and I think the Wii interface in particular is very well suited to that franchise."

    On a one on one sword fighter:
    "We haven't announced anything, so I can't speak about any particulars, but we do have a lot of ideas about how we could potentially use the Wii remote for something like that," Miyamoto told us. He also hinted that there may be something like that in a Fencing event on Mario & Sonic.

    On Animal Crossing Wii:
    "The Animal Crossing team has been very busy working on a variety of different projects. Actually, the Mii Channel was put together by the director of the most recent Animal Crossing game. His name is Mr. Nogami. Recently he said he really wants to get back to work on Animal Crossing again, so hopefully we'll be able to show something to people before too long."

    So it sounds like Animal Crossing Wii hasn't even been started on but at least its coming and its good that Pikmin 3 sounds like its gonna happen.

    This is from IGN, they say its from an interview they had with him but theres no link I can see for the full interview.
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    Do you think there would be some link with AC:WW for the DS, or perhaps a new DS AC that would sync up? How great would it be to port over your character to the Wii? And fishing with the wiimote? Yes.