Miyamoto on F-Zero: "I thought people had grown weary of it"

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Gahars, Nov 5, 2012.

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    Futuristic racing game F-Zero made a big splash when it first hit the Super Nintendo, but the franchise has been pretty quiet for sometime (barring Captain Falcon's appearances in the Smash Bros. games, of course). The last title, F-Zero: Climax, came out 8 years ago on the GBA and only saw a Japanese release.

    For those of you hoping that it'll make a big comeback on the Wii U or 3DS, well, don't get your hopes up. It seems the franchise may have Climaxed long ago.

    According to an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto on a French gaming site...

    [​IMG] Nintendo Life

    Now, he doesn't rule out the possibility of another game, but the tone of his response certainly doesn't inspire much confidence. I mean, talk about the cold shoulder - it's absolute (F-)zero!

    What do you think? Is this a Falcon Punch in the gut, or do you feel the franchise has no more moves to show?
  2. lokomelo

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    I love F-Zero, but that was the first time I've seen Miyamoto "refusing" to do a sequel. This man loves to milk sequels.

    And my opinion remain the same, Nintendo should make less sequels and re-release and more unique games.
  3. Treeko

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    Sep 29, 2012
    WTF I've been waiting for a new F-zero game for ages now,man it seems I am just gonna stick to my F-zero Maximum velocity on my 3ds for a while -_-.
  4. Arras

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    Sep 14, 2010
    So he thinks there's not enough that could be changed yet he has no problem with Mario Kart/Pokemon/NSMB? Okay.
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  5. Fear Zoa

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    They don't to need to make a new one per say, if they've done all they can then I suppose they could just remake one of the old ones. Make it fast, make it pretty, don't charge full price for it, make it a downloadable game, it would work.

    Also its worth noting that these days Captain Falcon as a character is more popular then the series he came from. He needs to stay in smash, forever.
  6. lokomelo

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    Aug 19, 2009
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    Mario Kart/Pokemon/NSMB and Super Smash Bros/Zelda/Pokemon spin offs = easy money for sure
    F-Zero = easy money, but not for sure

    Thats the difference.
  7. Guild McCommunist

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    I always thought F-Zero was kinda dull and boring. It didn't have the realism some people want in Forza or Gran Tarismo, it didn't have the goofiness and casual appeal of Mario Kart and other kart racers, and it doesn't have the fast paced crashes of Burnout and the like. It has always felt kinda boring.

    Can't say I want the franchise back as much as Star Fox although I'd be very selective on what I'd want my Star Fox game to be like.
  8. emigre

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    Jan 28, 2009
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    I'm guessing he means "F-Zero wasn't selling enough so we ditched it for Wii Sports."
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  9. Bladexdsl

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    there's always nintendo land it's in it! :creep:
  10. Cyan

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    What new can be done? tracks !
    no need to change the game, just add new tracks.

    like Fear Zoa said, make a remake (of GX/AX), make it pretty and add track download/builder/sharing from DLC, and score boards. that's fine, no?

    that said, I still haven't played all tracks on GameCube.
  11. Nah3DS

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    Feb 9, 2010
    just let SEGA develop and publish the game
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  12. Hyro-Sama

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    Oct 25, 2009
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    Here's hoping that Donkey Kong and/or makes the Metroid series makes a comeback on the Wii U.
  13. Eerpow

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Yeah, I expect one to show up within two years or so seeing that it's in nintendoland/smash and how they love to bring back franchises after a while, if one gets made then please don't let sega co develop it, or any other company for that matter. Nintendo EAD all the way. GX had some pretty bad character animations, character redesigns, cut scenes and about 60% of the music really wasn't up to the standard set by the previous game F-Zero X. X's metal soundtrack and comicbook artstyle is where it's at. GX felt like sonic 06 or something, really cheesy sega stuff. I see where Miyamoto is coming from when he says that the collaboration didn't go as expected.

    EAD however did an amazing job, the gameplay itself is outstanding. The controls are as close to perfect you can get and the mechanics are unlike anything out there. Unlike most racers F-Zero GX is momentum based, you simply can't just hold the A button and expect your machine to go faster than the set max speed, this game is programmed so that when you release the A button you decelerate at a slower rate than when your holding the button. So you have to build up your speed and constantly release the engine to maintain that momentum, and yeah, it will take a while getting used to.

    Here's some more advanced techniques you use to gain speed in the game:
    (Momentum turbo Slide)
    Let's say the machine turns to the right, now while you do this you have to tilt the stick and hold LR at the same time, but a fraction of a second later you release R and the A button and you end up "drifting" at the opposite direction of the turn and since you have the motor turned off you gain a massive amount off speed that quickly lowers once you hit A again.
    (momentum turbo rail slide)
    crashing into walls while MTSing
    (Momentum Throttle Boost)
    Attacking sideways while diving in an angle
    quick turning
    Many of these techniques can be stringed and combined with stuff like hitting mines and using the explosion to even further increase your acceleration rate, at the cost of running out of energy.

    And the list continues with other advanced stuff like manual boost delays and whatnot, it is all confirmed to be deliberately put in by the developers as there even are staff ghosts that uses some of these techniques. I mean some tracks are designed to snake on for example, hell even the names of music and machine parts in the game have names like "paper engine" or "like a snake" etc. The game is absolutely mental, there's so much to it and it has a very dedicated fan base. As you probably can tell by now GX is my favorite racing game of all time, it's deep enough to last you a lifetime. EAD put so many things and mechanics in this game. And honestly the game itself isn't that hard when you learn how it works. I believe anyone can beat it on easy at least. Becoming good at it however takes dedication.

    I think a new game with paid DLC could really help Nintendo make a profit. Make an easy mode and you have the regular player join the game. F-zero is a well known franchise and I bet that the amount of people aware of the series have grown exponentially the last couple of years thanks to brawl and the falcon punch meme. Nintendo has already said that they want to focus on core gamer titles this gen due to the lack of casual players nowadays, I really think F-Zero fits the bill.

    I can see people not liking it but the reason why I personally do is because there's no other racing game that even touches the complexity and sheer speed that F-Zero has, and I'm not a fan of realism so the game's unique style, music, tracks and original characters really appeals to me. You just can't see that kind of track design in a realistic racing game.

    I mean in F-Zero you're listening to metal while driving 2000km/h as a genetically modified dinosaur against 29 other opponents consisting of everything from alien species to comic book super heroes and they're all trying kill you by pushing you off the edge. The gameplay and the crazy tracks makes it so unlike anything else out there.
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    Omg HD Fzero... omg.

    I mean the jump from 64 to GC was awesome, but HD...
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  15. soulx

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    Apr 4, 2009

    HD F-Zero, unf.
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  16. chavosaur

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    Mar 11, 2012
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    F-Zero to me, has always felt like one of those arcade games you play at dave and busters or chuck e cheese. I never really got into it :/
  17. Guild McCommunist

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    Didn't Donkey Kong make a comeback on the Wii already?
  18. Hyro-Sama

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    Yeah but will we see a sequel for it? I'm doubtful.
  19. dgwillia

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    Grown tired of F-Zero? Bitch please, i saw one of those Arcade Machines with the Gamecube Memory card slot in a mall a few months ago, damn near wet myself and ended up blowing like 10$ on it.
  20. Satangel

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    I'm not, I can definitely see it happening. Why not? They didn't stop releasing DK games.