Mistreated on the job, seeking insight from the Temp

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    Hello everybody, I've basically come hear to rant and hear everybody's opinion on such a matter that affects me to no end, in the workplace even. I don't have a lot of time to write this up so I'll wrap it up quite quickly.

    I'm a white male facing racism in the workplace. Not by my coworkers, who are all very nice by the way, but my bosses and supervisors. Where I work is majority black as well, thought I should point that out. I do not contain a single ounce of racism or any domestic hate within my body, my morals do not allow me to project such a thing. I'm currently working graveshift and I start 2nd shift come Monday, which after working here for four months is finally something I have achieved, somehow.

    Just call me Jason, as an alias. It's not my real name, and I'm using it as an example. Currently, another person has been switched to my shift with the same name, and he is black. By my team leaders, or so I have heard from some very reliable coworkers, I have been known as "white Jason", to avoid confusion with the other Jason. Now while my employee handbook speciafically tells me to notify my supervisors right away of even the most minor scale racial discrimination, I don't see much of a point to. The reason being, my supervisors and everybody who works inside the office outside of the company are well within the same social group, pick favorites, and, you guessed it, are also black.

    *This post isn't totally finished, and I have to go back to work until next break. I will edit it and finish it then, feel free to comment on what's already here.
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    speak with a supervisor about it
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    Just curious, this is Wal-Mart isn't it? :P
    Anyway, my advice is to suck it up. Your grievance is heresay-based anyway. Its not worth raising a stink over unless the situation worsens without you adding anything to it.

    Find another job if the mistreatment gets worse.
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    Tell them to call you by your last name.
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    Suggest a nickname such as "Jason 2" or "Jason *insert last name abbreviation*"
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    My perspective of it certainly changed when I realized that the issue is being caused by a person/people in a supervisory/managerial position, not from a fellow coworker.

    However, I think my response is still going to be "just deal with it." People are going to call you things you don't like for your entire life, whether it be to your face, behind your back, or behind closed doors. It's gonna happen, despite how inappropriate it may be. It also seems so far that all you've got to go by is hearsay, that nothing has been said to your face or within earshot. If that DOES happen, then I would, as diplomatically as possible, explain that you don't appreciate/feel comfortable being referred to as "White Jason" by your peers, that you'd rather instead be called by another moniker, "Jason <last initial>" for example. If you don't feel comfortable saying that to them in the open, then ask them if at some point in the coming hours of your shift you'd be able to have a quick sitdown in their office because you have an issue you'd like to address. Just address it professionally. If it's really bothering you and you can indeed confirm it's happened/happening, then just make sure that no matter what you're the bigger man and confront the situation like a calm, professional adult.

    And there's nothing wrong with having a sitdown with a manager or a supervisor, no matter what the situation. I've asked to have one with my old department manager a while back because I was pissed I was (unofficially) training a guy making more than me because I hadn't [/i]officially[/i] been transferred to the same department yet, and I ended up having one with the store manager a few weeks ago when my grandmother passed away, asking for the necessary time off to grieve and attend all of the arrangements for her; I had planned to just speak with the general manager on duty.

    Edit - also, if you don't feel comfortable having a sitdown with a manager, try talking to HR or your store manager, or failing that, I know that a bunch of major corporations have a confidential hotline you can call to report issues you have with your store location. I can't comment on how successful the latter is, but your concern -should- make its way to HR/store manager/district manager at least, with your name or employee number withheld if they ask for it.
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    This isn't racism. You just identified yourself as white, which is exactly what they're doing. How is that in any way discriminatory (especially if they refer to the other worker as "black Jason") ?
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    :mellow: Blew my mind.
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    I believe that managers/supervisors don't want to discriminate against blacks or any other race that isn't white. And there's nothing wrong with that (obviously). But it goes to the point that stuff like this will happen. And yeah, as Sicklyboy said, take some time to speak to your manager about it. Your problems are his problems.
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    Sorry but why is this a problem?
    You're white and your name is Jason. You're white Jason.
    Thats not racial discrimination, you're just over sensitive and feeling sorry for yourself.
    Talk to them if its really a problem to you, but tbh imo this is beyond trivial nitpicking.
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    I have to agree with Black-Ice. alot people dont have jobs, and finding something small as this is just nitpicking and causes problems over time, which could lead to you losing your job.

    Look at Black-Ice we call him Black-Ice because we already have a member called Ice, because Black-Ice is black we call him Black-Ice. Black-Ice is fine with it. Good Guy Black-Ice.
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    There's nothing really discriminatory about being called the "White Jason" if you are, in face, the white Jason. Unless it's racist to acknowledge skin color differences now, there's nothing really racist about this.

    That being said, if it makes you so uncomfortable, then talk to the involved parties about it. You don't have to be confrontational about it - just respectfully ask that they use different nicknames/pronouns/what have you on the job.
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    You're just being called Jason......

    I can come up with worse things I can hear...

    In all seriousness, just speak to a supervisor or tell them to call you by your real name.
    If not, just stick with it.
    It's not as bad as coming to work and people avoiding you cause you might carry "gay virus" or "queer cooties" or whatever.
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    Glad you said it, I wanted to say it, but didn't want to start something. lol
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    I forgot
    ...yeeah, that's not racist. It'd be racist if they called you cracka Jason, or honky Jason, not "white Jason". From what is here so far, I think you're getting offended over nothing.

    But if you don't like it so much, have them call you by your last name. Bam, problem solved.
  18. TheCasketMan

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    If you are called cracker Jason, now that's a different story. Still, I had been called a beaner in work, and I am not even Mexican, but I always ignore words just like my mom taught me.
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  19. omgpwn666

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    His last name is White.
  20. ßleck

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    Pfff... You're offended by THAT? Seriously just deal with it.

    They should call you girly man Jason.
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    Why not just ask them to refer you as a different name? When I worked at Lowe's there were several people with with the same name, so they all had nicknames. Hell some people called me Lydia, because there was another Nolan there.