1. Xeighter

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    May 3, 2020
    I think I've read like 20 threads of people who faced the same problem as me and usually I can get myself out of this situation but I think I've finally hit a wall I can't seem to break and I would appreciate anyone's help.

    Short-version is that I downgraded my Switch (stupidly) by misread the site's firmware enumeration (it was 1.0.X instead of what I needed was 10.X.X) as I was trying to update my firmware to play the latest Animal Crossing patch/update. For some reason, this site displays the earliest firmware FIRST and the latest firmware several pages in the back which I hastily overlooked (I admit, very foolish).

    So now my Switch will not boot in OFW or CFW (Hekate & Atmosphere are the latest versions). I tried to update via ChoiDuJour on PC but I'm unable to get my keys to work (Step 4). I tried to use Hactool & the GUI but I also got a dead-end (tried using HacGUI then I tried the Hactool step-by-step program but it doesn't work for me at Step 3. So without functioning keys to get ChoiDuJour to manually update my firmware, I'm entirely stuck.

    To be honest, I have a keys.txt file already prepared and it looks like the lines are in there but it doesn't seem to work.

    In all honesty, I'm okay completely wiping my switch and bringing it back to Factory Settings if that's the only way. I can always just redownload the games and I'm not too concerned about my save files (seldom a couple). I would prefer just finding a way to update my switch but since I didn't create a back-up, I accept the consequences.

    Any help appreciated, also available through Discord or Skype.

    I can boot my Switch to Hekate through TegraRCMGUI but that's pretty much it.
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  2. Draxzelex

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    Aug 6, 2017
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    Make sure the keys are right as follows:
      • [... all master_keys through the latest one required by the firmware you're trying to install]
      • aes_kek_generation_source = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • aes_key_generation_source = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • key_area_key_application_source = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • key_area_key_ocean_source = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • key_area_key_system_source = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      • package2_key_source = XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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