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    There has been a lot of misinformation in other forums lately about what the R4 can and can not do and problems it has. So I am creating this thread as a resource to confirm or discredit them.

    1) Some games "Download Play" WORK, but several do not. Mostly it would seem like 1st party titles from Nintendo(there is a technical reason for this that makes sense... but moving on)

    2) "Download Play" is not wifi over the internet!! All online games should work just fine!

    3) There are no known issues of microSD incompatiability issues, especailly with common name brand SD cards, also their site even lists the cheaper brands as working.

    4) Yes the menu does suck, even though skinning will be added to the english version within 2 weeks, hopefully sooner

    This is mostly in response to things I have read from DS-X owners over at their forums, giving out false information. Probably not intentional but it has happened nonetheless. And I think I speak for everyone when I say we'd love the DS-X team to come up with something new with expandable memory! Their GUI is obviously the best imo, and they spent a lot of time on it and they apparently have better homebrew support too.

    Till then R4 is for me and I will either upgrade to the next significant flash card slot 1 or I will just get a slot 2 flash card to fill in the gap. The main reason I have gone with this over Supercard Lite which is what I was going to get is battery life.