1. Matt 182

    OP Matt 182 Newbie

    I don´t understand the mIRC tutorial. Can somebody explain me how to download a file, or give me a web site?
  2. Angelical_1

    Angelical_1 Former Staff
    Former Staff

    Nov 5, 2002
    Hi Matt_182,

    Assuming you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)...

    Click HERE ... this should open a dialog screen ... choose save to location .. choose a location that you can find easierly (such as your desktop) .. it should start downloading.. when finished double left click the file (which is named mirc603 or mirc603.exe) and follow the mIRC tutorial with which you originally refered to.

    Regards Angelical_1

    I'm also moving this post to Suggestions & Forum Help
  3. Matt 182

    OP Matt 182 Newbie

    Thank you, but the thing i don't understand is how to enter to a Fserve
  4. ShadowXP

    ShadowXP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Dec 20, 2002
    First of all, you must be in a channel. the best one is of course #gbatemp, which is located on EFNet. Once your in the #gbatemp channel, type !list and a long list will appear. These are the FServes, and to get into one look for the 'trigger'. KiVans trigger, (and the one I use) is !kivnewdumps. type !kivnewdumps and a box will appear. Accept it and you will be in KiVans FServe. Any more questions, ask here again. [​IMG]
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