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    The PlayStation 4 homebrew scene has some new toys to play with, thanks to the release of Mira Project, a form of homebrew enabler that works on OFW 5.05 PS4 systems, and OpenOrbis, a toolchain that gives users the power to create homebrew for the console without using an official SDK, aka legal homebrew. Mira Project offers certain capabilities such as a kernel debugger, a homebrew enabler, a dumper for your HDD keys, and other useful features as seen in the project's official readme. It should be noted that while intriguing for those involved in the PS4 homebrew scene, these tools do not allow users to run "backups" of their games, nor does it work on newer firmware units.

    Another important thing to be aware of is that the public release is "unstable" and in beta, and bugs are to be expected. As for OpenOrbis, a further update is scheduled within the next few days, which will see a debugger and MiraLib added to the toolchain. To compile this homebrew, you'll need the clang toolchain along with llvm linker, which are available on the official GitHub page for both Windows and Linux users. Visual Studio 2017 is also required in order to build PS4 applications.

    :arrow: Mira Project GitHub
    :arrow: OpenOrbis GitHub
    :arrow: SpecterDev Twitter
    :discuss: GBAtemp Official Exploit Guide and Discussion Thread
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