Minor Character Stories.

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    Post a little story of a minor character from any sort of media doing something "Out of the ordinary" if you know what i mean.
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    Julian had awakened from his deep slumber. He stretched his feet out, and began patrolling his assigned area. Should he see his enemy, he was to charge forward ruthlessly, and attack with no holds barred. He marched back and forth for hours, and began to feel quite weak from the repetitive and never-ending motion.

    Then, HE appeared.

    The ultimate enemy. The one who had killed millions of his bretheren. This fiend had to perish.

    Julian charged forward rapidly at the murderous monster, and was ready to attack, but just then, the monster rose up into the air with a mighty bound.

    Julian gasped in horror as he saw the shadow of the beast descend upon his mortal body.

    And then, he felt it.

    Julian felt a large foot pressing upon his soft, fragile body. His internal organs spewed out and his skeletal structure collapsed. He screamed in pain, but his cries and his pain were soon ended by the sweet release of death. Yet another victim to the bounding beast.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!