Mini wii sensor bar mod for use at desk / computer monitor

I tried using my wii at my desk instead of using from a distance at tv and noticed the pointer/wiimote barely works without moving far away. After a bit of testing I figured out that moving the lights inside closer together allowed the wiimote to function properly, I taped the lights near the center of the bar for testing. If you don't want to cut up the shell you can just use it like this. I assume it wont work well on a tv after cutting but I haven't tested since I have another unmodified sensor bar


To make this cleaner looking the casing can be cut down and glued together. It was done mostly by eye so you can probably make it quite a bit nicer by making proper measurements.
First cut the top and bottom of the case into sections like is shown below


After cutting like this you can take the middle and outside pieces and get rid of the rest


After this you need to glue the sections back together I did this by cutting some small piece of leftover plastic and using superglue to put them over the joints, I then used tissue and superglue to fill the gaps. It's not pretty but it works



The next thing to do is cut a section off of the front piece of plastic to go between the led covers. use the middle piece of the three sections at the bottom of the image


To join this piece to the parts that cover the leds I added a small bit of super glue on the sides just to hold it together once it dried I poked some tissue into the gaps and then covered the tissue with superglue this creates quite a strong joint. Not sure if this is the best way to join them but it works


After its all dried it can be reassembled




Finished mini bar ontop of my monitor, it doesn't look too bad from the front



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Jul 1, 2018
When you say use with your desktop, do you mean with an emulator?

Just curious as Wii Emulation with a sensor bar would be grand. Just wondering how the Sensor bar is being powered :unsure:
You could change the plug to accept USB, but there are also USB powered options, for example Mayflash makes one that can directly sync Wii Motes to it and is fully supported by Dolphin.
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