1. Diosoth

    OP Diosoth GBAtemp Fan

    Nov 25, 2008
    United States
    I found this at Target this morning on sale for $6.98, solving my needs of a new DS Lite storage option. Here's what I think of it...

    The case itself is solid black with chrome corner trim. It's metal, likely aluminum and a "raised bump" texture which is a bit uncomfortable to touch. The handle is plastic, which I think is cheap(the original retail on these cases is $30). The latches are curved hooks which swing down into loops. It's a sturdy latch mechanism, but I do think the Intec metal case design is superior(I once had one for a PSP I owned about 2 years ago). I also suspect this kit is a little smaller than the Intec boxes on average.

    Inside is a foam-cut space for the system, a very tight fit(with a GBA game inserted it's be impossible) and 3 extra compartments. The upper flap has a small net pocket and another net pocket is behind that. The velcro tabs for the flap are pinned in but not secured, so they swivel.

    And what does it come with?

    * Stylus. It feels cheap, has obvious mold excess lines and I'm not sure I'd want to use this. The ones with those DX shell kits feel better made.

    * USB charger cable. It's about 4' long and very nice. By comparison, the one that comes with the Gamestop brand AC adapter/USB cable is about 2' long.

    * car charger. It's a USB plug type, feels well-built. I haven't tested it yet.

    * charger stand. It's okay, I guess... honestly, this is a useless item by principle and I'd never buy one on its own. A wall adapter for the USB cord would've been better. It's just a plastic stand with a circuit to pass-through the AC plug.

    * cleaning cloth. Bleh, it's small and feels cheap.

    * screen protectors. Typical of this, I can never apply them without fingerprints on the adhesive side. One has a bit of plastic sandwiched between the film and backing.

    * earbuds. The type everyone tosses away and no one uses, but are included with everything.

    * game case. Hmm, it's okay. It holds 2 DS cards and 2 standard GBA carts. Minimal but semi-useful.

    I suppose for $7 it's decent, and the case is really the main selling point. Intec's case is better but I don't believe those have been made for some time. It's well-built within tolerances but really should be better for the MSRP.
  2. Dead End

    Dead End GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 12, 2009
    United States
    ive had the intec case for a while(lost all but the car charger XP) i gave it to my sis for when she gets a lite hopefuly i can get a DSi soon...
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