Minecraft Story Mode lagging+audio help?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by heliopause, Mar 21, 2017.

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    My little brother recently got a Xbox copy of Minecraft Story Mode and holy fuck is it a laggy mess. Our Xbox is relatively new and doesn't have a hard drive. It runs slowly and freezes constantly with no audio playing. Do I need to get him a hard drive or is there another way he can play without it running at 2 fucking frames per second?
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    Well, I have played Story mode on me RGH (from the internal HDD) which played normally.
    However, between auto saves (it saved to a USB drive) it lagged out.

    This isn't Telltales first game to experience bugs.
    I know for a fact that A Wolf Among us is even worse (lags all the time but stops lagging if you let it pause for a couple of minutes)
    Batman from Telltale just keeps on reloading the first sequence for me and Tales of the Borderlands won't progress past the first chapter.

    I highly recommend getting an internal HDD (I don't think your machine is RGH'd or JTAG'd) so you could hack a WD Scorpio blue drive (320GB) with hddhackr, or get a cheapo used one from gamestop.

    Edit: installing games to the harddrive will significately reduce DVD drive noise and speed up loading times (as well as improve save times)