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    Dec 20, 2009
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    Recently purchased Minecraft for my un-hacked Nintendo Switch, that does *not* have Nintendo Online "service". I have been going crazy trying to do one simple thing: I would like to share a Minecraft world between two user profiles. The easiest way to do that AFAIK is to use a dedicated server, since Minecraft separates worlds from each other's users. Bonus I could play on PC while my spouse plays on Switch.

    I run my own router software and DNS, so it was easy enough to try the DNS redirection hack that has been floating around.
    I ran the bedrock server (on Ubuntu) and redirected several "featured" server DNS hosts to my LAN ip hosting the bedrock server.

    And that worked! ish! So close! The featured servers only show up in "online mode", but they list them regardless of Nintendo online subscription. And the description text has clearly been replaced for all of them with my boring default stuff, stuff like "Dedicated Server".
    But when you go to join one, *then* it runs the Nintendo online authentication check.

    So my dilemma is I need to pay for this awful excuse for a "service", just to pass the auth check, so I can explicitly *avoid* going online and play on my local network!

    I am not too familiar yet with the world of Switch hacking and the options that might afford me. Does anyone know of a way to make this happen without paying for Nintendo online?
    If I hack my switch, is there a way to bypass that auth check, or make it so the rest of the system thinks it passed the auth check? Keep in mind I am not *actually* playing online, and I can use 90DNS or equivalent to not talk to Nintendo servers, so I don't think this would be risking a ban. I just need to somehow trick Minecraft into thinking it is online.

    Or if I hack my switch, are there rom hacks for minecraft that enable LAN play or direct connections?

    Or is there a way of making local wireless work? As far as I know, there is not a hidden LAN mode like in Mario Kart for Minecraft, and I can't find any information on connecting a PC to the ad-hoc network that Switches create. If anyone has any info on that, please share. I don't mind doing some digging and packet sniffing to see if there is an easy enough way to do this.
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