Might buy a Wii U - lots of questions!

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    I know these posts are annoying but I genuinely feel lost when it comes to hacking this thing. My main two questions are

    How do you play backups, as in, can you load them from a regular HDD or do you have to install them (I see people talking about wupinstaller and I'm guessing those are like CIAs on 3DS?) to a Wii U formatted HDD/NAND?

    Can you play online with backups?

    If games have to be installed using WUP, do disc only games have to be purchased or loaded with Loadiine (I don't hear much about that anymore) or can you create the packages yourself similar to 3DS?

    Can you hack vWii without Brawl now?

    Not hacking related but can I (should I) use my hacked 3DS NNID or do I have to (should) make a new one?
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    Oct 9, 2016
    So, you must install them,you can play online, you can repack games (with signpatch you can create a fake tik), you can hack vWii with Wii U or with those games, and yes you can use your NNID
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