MIDIPad DS 0.1a

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    MIDIPad DS 0.1a

    A Kaoss Pad-like application

    GBATemp member Ben_j has submitted MIDIPad DS.

    MIDIPad DS is an Kaoss Pad-like application for the Nintendo DS, for those unfamiliar Kaoss pad is one of its functions is a midi controller that translates touchpad commands into midi commands.

    X and Y positions on the touchscreen are interpreted as MIDI CCs and CC #127 is sent when the screen is pressed followed by 0 when it is released.

    [title:Youtube demonstration]

    [​IMG] Application download

    [​IMG] DSMidiWifi server (needed to function)

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    I got this working in about 10 minutes with FLS, but the problem is that I cannot realistically play a fast pattern with the A/B buttons because of latency issues over wifi. It can't be more than about 50ms, but that's still way too much for practicality. It's a shame, really.
  3. moloko23

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    Jan 18, 2007
    ^^ That is the problem with DSMidi [​IMG]
    It's such a good idea but with the latency issues even running the server on a linux or mac os caomputer, the latency is just too high... Fun to play around with though
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