Microsoft service, how are they with RROD 360's?

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    Yo peeps,

    I have a bad feeling about my 360, it starts WEEEEEEEEING very hard when it is turned on for a few moments, I am pretty worried. So a friend of mine told RROD could be near since it happened to him as well.

    I would like to know, how is Microsoft with their service, if you have RROD, will they give you a new console or will they fix it? I have an old Phatty(bought somewhere in October 2012 with warranty.) so I don't know how they fix it up lol

    Also do I need to send the 360 to M. myself? ;o

    Edit: tested some stuffs, it gets FREAKING hot..! It was turned on for about two minutes or so...
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    You said you had a Jasper board.
    Seen the damage as in the plastic even has warped.
    Which is strange since my Kronos never pumps out that much heat .__.
    Nor did my Xenon/Zephyr.

    It's highly likely MS will give you a Slim back instead of a Phatty.
    However if it's a thermal paste issue then they will just replace the thermal paste on it.

    Strange that a Jasper started RRoDing after 1 month....
  3. Bobbyloujo

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    My Xbox e74'd (it's a Jasper... I think). They just fixed it and sent back the same one.
  4. tbgtbg

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    You bought a "phat" in October 2012?

    Anyway, most likely you would get a different system back. Probably a refurb.
  5. slingblade1170

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    I got an old phat 360 and it gets hot as hell, makes loud noises, freezes a lot & stops reading games sometimes and I knew for sure RROD was coming but that was 6 years ago. I wouldn't worry a bit until it actually dies for sure. When or if it does die they will just fix it and send the same one back.
  6. irondoom

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    I thought MS would only fix/replace a RROD if it was manufactured within the last 3 years? So that means they probably won't be fixing or replacing phats anyway since they stopped making them close to 3 years ago?
  7. Joe88

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    they will just put in a replacement board and send it back (if under warranty) they do not send slims as replacements
    a few more months and no system will be covered anymore unless you recently received a repaired system back from ms then you have a 1 year warranty