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    Official MS E3 chat thread!

    Press confrence was cool, no big suprises - new trailers for Resi 5 and Halo 3 looked amazing, be sure to check them out! News wise Gears of War is heading to the PC with 5 new chapters, new multiplayer modes, level editor and more. New party game Viva Pinata Party Animals coming to the 360 (not developed by Rare though) and a port of the original coming to the PC. Xbox 360 Elite coming to Europe on August 24, finally. Market videoplace also on the way at long last.
    Green and orange Halo 3 edition xbox 360 being released end of September, more Halo themed peripherals and accessories also set to be released. CoD 4 and Assassin's creed gameplay demos look amazing.

    Write up of press conference: (fixed link).

  2. Jiggah

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    Sound like there were about 5 people in the entire audience. Peter Moore had to clap for himself sometimes. Wow, how I already miss the old E3. It may have been expensive, but it was a hype machine.
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    The real news is Gears of War is for XP and Vista, not just Vista.
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    The press conferences are just as fancy as before. It's just the show floor that has been cut down. The reason nobody was excited is because they were showing off stuff that people had already seen or simply wasn't very exciting. A new Viva Pinata game? Come on...

    That being said..they made people realize there are some nice games coming, even though you already knew about them. The numbers they showed were pathetic though. Most units sold? Most software sold? Well duh, you've got a year head start. How about showing some tie-ratio's and per month unit sale comparisons. But I guess for the real numbers you have to watch the Nintendo conference, as they have nothing to hide in that department since they're doing so well.

    To me, the most exciting showings were RE5 (though short, and not coming soon) and COD4 (never been interested in a war-game before, but this really shows progress). Halo 3 was nice, but... I don't know, it's Halo, it's nothing new. Also, I was expecting to see graphics that stand above everything, but only RE5 (especially) and COD4 did that for me.

    Nintendo has to be careful not to lose core gamers to the 360 now. Sure, their new market is doing great, but if they only show casual games this E3, people will be disappointed.

    PS3 is gonna have a hard time... they need to match the 360's line-up and have at least one or two games that look significantly better to justify their higher pricepoint.
  5. Jiggah

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    Nov 9, 2002
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    My friend probably made the best remark about CoD4. "There sure isn't a lot of shooting in this First Person Shooter."

    I know it's a demo, but they could have shown a bit more of the scale of battles (I thought that was what CoD4 was about). Crawling the whole entire time is not a great demo for a game. I'm not sure how far a long they are, but I felt they wasted a lot of time with this demo, where they could have executed some better hype for a game by showing more things.
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    The entire show was a pretty big waste of time to me. Nothing that I hoped for showed up, at all. No Dead Rising 2, no Banjo-Threeie, nothing at all...Viva Pinata turning into a dumb party game? Come on... It was nice seeing Resident Evil 5, but even then that didn't show much at all.

    I was hoping to be surprised by games I've yet to see, and I practically got nothing in that regard. And then they show that stupid uglyass green console. What the &%$* is that. That's ugly as hell and has no connection to Halo at all except for the ugly color scheme...

    *Oh yeah, and let me add. If the 360 Gears of War doesn't get those PC additions in some form of downloadable content, I'll be pissed.
  7. deathfisaro

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    1) Some funky controller that looks like baby toys

    2) "Gamers have spent over ~~~~(forgot exact amount) dollars on XBox Live Arcade"
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    Was anybody able to see it live on the internet. An if yes: where?

    Because I`m really looking forward to the ninetndo conference and I don`t want to miss it...

    Thanks in advance!
  9. juggernaut911

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    Jul 13, 2006
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    was crap!! I like microsoft but just pretty lame... [​IMG]
  10. Jiggah

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    Saw the last half at G4TV.

    The Halo 3 trailer looks like crap. Why does it look like crap? Some example are the marine that gets kicked by the alien dude at the beginning. He looks low polygon and the texturing on the suit...WTF. It looks weird because the alien looks extremely detailed as well as the environment. The texturing for a lot of the environment i.e. ground/rocks, in the quick flashes, etc. The model of the girl pull the gun, which again looks low polygon. I'm going to take it that they are showing what was seen in the BETA, which from what I've heard isn't impressive at all.

    Compared to the Mass Effects trailer...Halo 3 looks...meh, at best.

    Look for the game trailers at, they'll have the high-def versions.
  11. azndragonguy115

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    Nov 24, 2005
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    i was kinda annoyed at some of the animations of assassin creed.

    and halo 3 graphics werent as epic as i thought it was

    gta4 and pgr4 didn't appeal to me as much either
  12. Hadrian

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    I'm missing E3 too, there was a little hype this year and so far nothing that even compares to the lesser known shows from this year.

    I'm getting a little bored of all these graphic heavy action games, great as they may be its just that I feel like I've played them all before. Was hoping to see Banjo Kazooie and perhaps a Viva Pinata sequel instead no BK and some stupid looking party game.

    Looking forward to Mass Effect, RE5, Assassins Creed & Dead Rising 2. The stuff for Live looks great too especially War World & Bomberman.