Micro SD Card Issue not working on PC but works in DS

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    Sep 19, 2018
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    I recently installed CFW on my new nintendo 2DS Xl (11.8.0-41U) and everything went great. I then began to install cia's using FBI and ran into an issue with the SD card not being recognized by my PC. I was able to load 5-6 games then installed them on the DS using FBI. Once completed I reinserted the micro SD card into my PC and it won't recognize. I've tried 3 different SD card adapters plus a micro USB adapter and it still won't recognize it. Within CMD prompt I've tried chkdsk on the drive and it cannot open the volume, disk management won't find it either. I've also tried disk part and it shown no media under it in the list. I thought the card is dead but when I put it back in the DS everything seems to be running normal (it loads and I can even play the games I loaded via FBI) Any ideas on how to fix? Could I have a corrupt CIA that's now causing it to not be recognized in PC? I could easily just use a different SD card but I don't have a way to see/transfer any of the data from the old card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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