MHTri cheats don't work

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    May 28, 2008
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    After hours of farming the volcano, I'm trying to just give myself an evasion +7 two-slot talisman, but the codes either freeze the game or don't work. I'm using the codes here and reading through the thread at the forums here, but I can't figure it out. I'd ask at said forums, but I registered for an account five hours ago and I still haven't gotten my activation e-mail. Yes, I've checked my spam folder, yes, I had them resend it (five times) and it's still not here.

    For details, I'm using USB Loader GX with IOS249 to load the game. My talisman code looks like this:

    4A000000 90000000
    140E2624 06020007
    140E2628 00110000
    140E262C 003A0000
    E0000000 80008000

    According to the info, that should put it at slot 400 in my equipment box, but no dice. Also tried using the equipment roller code (cycle through every piece of equipment) but that just freezes the game. Please help save me from another 50 hours of farming the volcano.