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    Well I'm big into monster hunter games and well. I have finally caved in after about a year HOPING MHG [wii] would come to the states but no. So I have decided on getting the english patched version of the game BUT I need some questions answered.....first question is do you have to pay for the online services? if so will I be able to pay with dollar bills [money]?

    Second question is [for those who have the english patched version of the game] just how well is the wording in english? is it corect? is the WHOLE game translated into english? Bottom line is will it be playable in the sense of me being able to read everything?

    well that pretty much sums up what i wanted to ask. If you guys have any additional information please do share....and for the sake of the peace around here no flaming or leaving smart remarks it does get tiring after a while.

    if anyone has the game and playes it online would you be willing to share codes/IDs or w/e to hunt? if yeah leave yer info
    well later GB

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    The translation didn't get very far before the team called it quits. You have to pay for online. You also have to have your shop channel region as JPN if you want to pay and I'm not even sure you can with a USA credit card.