Homebrew mhg health bar mod crashes game when saving after quest


reach for the stars
Aug 29, 2015
looking up at the stars
United States
I was online hunting kushala and I completed the quest, and when I saved... I got an error about the sd card being taken out of the n3ds... I shut down my n3ds and checked my sd card... I was like, "eh probably bumped it by accident and popped the sd card out" then I load up boot ntr mode 3 again and load up mhg... luckily the group I was hunting with was still online... I joined the group and hunted a mitzune (please correct the name, I always get the name jumbled with hatsune lol) and I again, completed the quest, and grabbed my loot then when I was promped to save, it happened again... I opened the back of my n3ds and my sd card was perfectly fine... wasn't popped out or anything...

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    Damn you android
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    to do what?
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    Force them back to work
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    ps3, can i copy usb files on the multiman menu by pressing triangle then copy onto hhd0>?
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    Should be able to but it's easier to ftp
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    I think L3 activates ftp
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    wasn't FTP enabled by default in multiman?
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    idk it's been so long since I touched that thing
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    Can't remember been a while since I messed with ps3
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    Wouldn't mind shoving a 500gb into it didn't they update the PS3 fw a few months ago though lol
    kenenthk @ kenenthk: Wouldn't mind shoving a 500gb into it didn't they update the PS3 fw a few months ago though lol