MH3 Wii U Packet Relayer tool channel dumped.

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by TUWieZ, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. TUWieZ

    TUWieZ Advanced Member

    Apr 17, 2014
    United States,74201

    Embarrassing right? Anyway, just thought I'd share incase any programers wanna poke around with it for the same reason
    (and yes I know about save-nintendo-wifi ;) )

    While playing with wireshark and ad hoc networks, I was able to salvage some RAW files from my captured packets while downloading the MH3U packet relayer for 3DS -> Broadband enabled Wii U

    I think its a decent concept for enabling NFC (Near field connection) DS enabled games to share in the glory of private servers.
    (online Four Swords Anniversary edition <33333 )

    Also, this shouldn't violate any forum policy as it's freeware on the Nintendo eshop, I'm simply providing a link to mirrored freeware, courtesy of Nintendo. If posting this is a problem, I want you to show me how to pirate freeware, ok? ;)

    Here's the download link (Hosted via puush, let me know if there's any trouble with the link)

    This RAR contains the 2 files from that stood out the most when following TCP streams. The capture file itself was 130 mb-ish, The first file (which I'll just call File A, 2nd file being File B) is around 20-22mb, with File B being around 92.5 mb, which is exactly how large Wii U data management says the tool is. No Idea what file A could be, probably some eshop HTML or SSL stuff don't ask me im a newfeg

    Saved them as RAW files, but I saw some sub-streams with the extensions .h3, dunno about that either but just figured I'd throw that in as a foot-note.

    This is probably useless, but if any programmers wanna give it a glance I'm encouraging it ;) Just figured I needed to get these out there somewaysomehowfsdafasd

  2. Eleazan

    Eleazan Newbie

    Jun 4, 2014
    Quick research from header's get:

    From GET path: 0005000010133600/0000000B
    The first, it's TitleId: 0005000010133600
    And the second, the contentId: 0000000B

    Because, if u set a title that exists, but a wrong content, they show's a 404 and not 401:


    And the tool maybe has more content (Try 0000000C, 000000D, 000000F...) ¿when download thats?
  3. TUWieZ

    TUWieZ Advanced Member

    Apr 17, 2014
    United States
    Headers with other letters are found in 0000000B, it's a rip of the full download. I don't know much about the encryption of the file but I'm sure they're all in there. As you've seen the header, do a quick Ctrl F for 0000000 (Without a letter ID) and you'll most definitely find the rest of the content( 0000000C, 000000D, 000000F... or whatever letters apply to the rest of the download) . As I said before, "File B" Seems to be a full dump, as Wii u data management says the Packet Relayer is 92.5mb, the same size as the file I uploaded named 0000000B. I simply named the RAW files based on the headers of the TCP streams.
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