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    So I haven't been up-to-date on all the new revisions of the loaders/cIOS and I wanted to know if there was a way to properly load MPT (the way it's supposed to work)?

    I've tried the latest CFG USB Loader 65 I even tried "block IOS reload" and it just froze, and everything else just sends me back to the Wii menu after game selection. Sad to see one of the best Wii games isn't 100% working yet... [​IMG]

    So I just wanted to run this by you experts and see if there is indeed a way to boot the game normally and play normally through a USB Loader.

    Any advice would be appreciated, and thanks guys!

    Edit: I'm on 4.2U w/ cIOS rev 17 249, as well as Hermes v4 222/223 and Hermes v5 224. I use GX and CFG USB Loader.
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