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  1. FSSimon

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    Mar 20, 2006
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    So I'm revisiting MPH with my DS Lite. Love the game. I have beaten the one player quest already.

    What I'm looking for is tips that could help improve my game online. I really get my butt kicked over there. [​IMG] I'm practicing against bots. Two star bots kick my ass right now. I'm doing ok against one star bots.

    Looking for things like:

    1. DOs and DONT's
    2. a guide I could read
    3. a thread here I could not find.

    thanks [​IMG]
  2. BoneMonkey

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    how do i play aganist bots ?
  3. Pedro UK

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Choose Multiplayer Mode then Multicard Play. Create a game choose your player and then add the bots from there. It's not the most intuitive menu choice, I know, but that's where the game is set up. [​IMG]
  4. Calculus

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    Mar 19, 2007
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    Simple. be a glitch whore that provides a wide range of 'cheapness' to the game. Nearly all characters have these glitches, but here are the main.

    Noxus- Freeze everyone on map.
    [Obtain a Judicator, then as it is charged and an enemy seems towards your directional sight, quickly aim at the floor and release. If done properly all enemies in front of you, on that platform will be frozen.]

    Spire-Inifinite Burn
    [Obtain magmaul, charge it up and wait for an enemy to run towards a wall. When an enemy does this shoot just to the right of him/her temporarily knocking them out of stage a bit, and when they return they will be burning infinitely.]

    Samus-Morph ball rape
    [Samus is my favorite character who can dish out alot of damage with that homing missle. The morph ball is incredibly good when used right, make sure you try to fight enemies that are unexpecting yourself, or in smaller areas;i.e. a hall way. Quickly hold your R trigger to charge a boost, then aim in the area of your enemy, hit them with it, and try to let off two quick morph ball bombs. With this technique you can quickly kill someone by doing this twice]

    Kanden-Nothing much.
    [Obtain a volt driver, charge that sh-t up, and fire it toward an enemy who is in medium range distance. The damn thing is slow, but also big causing a huge sight diversion. While it is homing fire off a ton of those normal volt driver shots, since they can't see you any how;Repeat the process, it's pretty effective.]

    Trace-Get rare places?
    [In head shot you can get to a certain room where you can not be harmed yet you can shoot everyone on the map, which really is pretty boring. I suggest not using this character as it is for the majority of annoying campers.]

    Sylux-Overly used triforce electricity thing..whore.
    [Get into your alt. form lock jaw, and proceed to lay down to tripe wire things, causing a electricity segment. As an opponent nears your trip wire try to get behind him/her and enclose them in a triangle as the trip bomb will connect briefly for a split second. If performed right, you will cause 180 damage, which is damn strong. Alternatively, as an opponent hits just a single electricity segment, quickly spam the R trigger to send flying homing electric bombs.]

    Honestly this game comes down to, 'who can abuse the most glitches'. There's many more cheap tactics and glitches, but these are the main that most people will use.
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    Ya know I never bothered to finish it. It's not that I didn't like it, but after you unlock the initial zones and then begin to dig deeper I found myself going in circles since the map just doesn't update that well so I moved onto the next game.

    Wish there were more of that style on the system, but Goldeneye is pure ass.