Metroid Prime 2: Darkechoes Wii De Asobu

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    Feb 7, 2009
    So, after doing some research on how to get this game working, I've finally found a viable solution:

    Why It Freezes
    The game does an IOS reload (from my knowledge), when you start the game, or select multiplayer in the menu. That's essentially the reason--It WTFs and resets the Wii console.

    IOS And Solution
    Now, the game uses IOS35, and is a 002 game, so, even if you do patch it to IOS249 with Waninkoko's(?) IOS patcher--it still won't work, because it seems that single player can only be launched with IOS35. Multiplayer (iirc), will work with IOS249.

    The solution to the problem is getting an IOS that you can use, DARKCORP/CIOSCORP has this IOS included. Now, if you don't want to install the entire thing, you can just install the single IOS35 included with the Lite or Full package. Once the IOS is installed, the game will now work with DISC LOADERS ONLY! Now, if you want to load the game from the disc channel, make sure you patch the ISO to the region of your console before burning it, and naturally, you must have DARKCORP/CIOSCORP installed for backup loading from the Disc Channel.

    Now remember, this is only for Darkechoes! It is NOT for Metroid Prime: Wii De Asobu!

    ~Tested and working as of 29/01/2011
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    You could just use IOS reload block if you're loading from disc...
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    Feb 7, 2010
    I just use the trilogy....