Metroid Other M proper wiitard

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  1. azeluk

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    Jan 18, 2010
    hey peeps,

    bit of a weird one here but hope you can help, ive burnt other m to dvd+r dl at 4.0x with correct layerbreak and book type set to dvd-rom my wii is 4.0e with 1.99 wiikey 1 its has cios rev 20 installed ios 249/57, now if i place this game into my wii go to the menu my wii freezes, if i go to neogamma or gecko the game runs up to the point i get the instruction to hold the wiimote horizontly then black screen appears saying an error has occured.

    I dont have a usb stick so running from dvd is the only option any advice on getting this working would be great could this have just been a bad burn should i burn it slower.

  2. jefffisher

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    Dec 17, 2006
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    the wiitard release is broken, get one of the dual layer 7GB+ releases
    Metroid Other M USA REAL PROPER REPACK WII-BiOSHOCK should be good
    just whatever you get make sure its over 7GB both the smaller releases are broken