Metroid Dread has been leaked online a few days prior to official release


If waiting four more days until October 8th is too much for you to handle, and you need your Metroid fix now, it might be of interest to know that Metroid Dread for Nintendo Switch has been dumped online. Both an XCI and NSP version of the game are floating about the internet, and it appears that Ryujinx Emulator can boot the game to some extent. According to the early leaked download, the game comes in at just a tick above 4GB. As always, it's important to remember that GBAtemp's ToS do NOT allow linking to warez or illegal content, so please be mindful!


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Aug 24, 2013
United States
do you know what the word 'generic' means
yes I do
and this game was just as bad as Samus returns
they both repeat the same boss types a million times ,I'm so sick of these chozo soldiers
and the pacing is all wrong , you just get an item then it's another boss and another item another boss another item in rapid succession
instead of getting an item and then having the game focus on exploration and backtracking to find other items it is just fight boss get item fight boss get item fight boss get item
and also the game is too linear , they keep relocking areas you visited so you can't go back
the doors freezing od the "access closed" on doors you already opened
made the game too linear and frustrating to go back and find items you missed
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