Methods on finding Dipstar MasterCode

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    Sep 20, 2005
    Here are the methods I use to find the MasterCodes for NDS Games:
    And some common question people might ask.

    Method 1:
    Use ndsmas.....Usage, in DOS command promt, type ndsmas name.nds
    Well, ndsmas detected a MasterCode, but the codes don't work or you got 2 blank screens when the game loads, what's wrong?
    Chances are:
    1. if all the codes don't work, then the MasterCode that ndsmas detected might not be the correct one, like in the case of Advance War DS.
    2. if you only got 2 blank screens, then you might need to add a line infron of the Mastercode that starts with Cxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx.

    Method 2:
    Use ndsdis.....Usage, in DOS command prompt, type ndsdis name.nds > name.txt
    1. Open name.txt with wordpad and SEARCH for 0x04000130 and when you get a result
    2. SEARCH for E12FFF1E