Meteora 0.8-beta2

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    Meteora 0.8-beta2

    By X-Blaster

    X-Blaster has also entered into the Dev-Fr coding competition with his recently updated entry - Meteora, now up to version 0.8-beta2.[title:Meteora]Presentation:

    Météora is a play based on the principle of “and if weather had been a play of action”.
    You have the control of a planet and you must defend it against another planet enemy.

    To overcome it you have the mana your planet whom you can relacher and to send on your enemy. You have also different capacity of god who will allow you to increase your mana, to send larger mana, etc…

    For that it will be necessary to use your breath, your stylet, your brain also if you do not do too many hyper ventilation.

    The topic of the evolution:

    To defend the topic of the evolution I have moulte, moulte excuses.

    First of all the principle of the play is based on the fact that you can amalgamate pellets of mana. If you amalgamate mana with capacities (growing/shrapnel), your manas can evolve/move and will become more powerful.

    The evolution in the play since all is not available at the beginning and all that will free progressively

    Finally evolution!!! with compatibility with the DSIO of refix which is true a revolution even Cheesy… not?

    Ahhh yes and the official name of the play since C “Meteora Evolution”… if if… it is the trick which pulsates under the name of play

    Download and more information on[​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source

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    Wow! I could burly understand that. Methinks english isn't his first language.