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    Hi guys I know relatively nothing about rom hacking, and I was wondering how I could edit Metal Slug Advance just to make a sort of I guess macro of the b button so I dont have to mash the buttons all the time. I didn't think this was possible until I dl'd an ips patch for Boktai which let you hit L+right or left to change the sun meter value. I just want it to autofire when I press B instead of fire once each time I hit it.

    I only know a little programming on the pc, but of the language I do know there is a Keyhit function, which is like what the original game has, and a Keydown function which is like what I want to change it to. If tehre even are function of this sort in a gba rom, couldn't I just change it that easily?
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    Did you ever check the options menu?
    The game comes with an autofire option

    Also, isn't making a romhack for autofiring a bit over the top?
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    my auto fire in those games is put the gamepad in my lap and just tap the fire button like crazy
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