Metal Gear Solid: Rising Appearing at Sony E3 Press Conference

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Rock Raiyu, May 28, 2010.

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    News Source: DualShockers
  2. Gaisuto

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    I don't think anyone expected Rising to be a 360 exclusive. They just made a big deal about it because it was a Metal Gear game on the 360.
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    Many people forget MGS isn't a Sony franchise. MGS2: Subsistence was on the Xbox. MGS: The Twin Snakes was on the Gamecube. Well, the main series has been on Sony products though.

    Hopefully this still comes to the 360 though. I'd buy it.
  4. DAZA

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    I also hope they would have released it on the 360.. been some time though, i had my hopes up, but as always shot down, shame though it would have been a big hit on 360 weather it was 4-5 dvds because of fmv
  5. Joe88

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    they even did an interview with kojima last year right after the e3 conferences saying rising was coming to ps3 also because alot of people though it was an 360 exclusive