Metal Gear Solid 3D delayed

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    It seems like not even the heavy hitters of third party games aren't subject to the huge amount of delays and cancellations that the 3DS has been receiving. Metal Gear Solid 3D, a port of Hideo Kojima's highly praised Metal Gear Solid 3 to the 3DS, has been delayed to a 2012 release, missing the holiday season.

    No reason was provided with for the delay nor was an official release date outside of "2012". However, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, featuring Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, will still be on track for a November release.

    It seems like an increasing number of third party games are dropping out from holiday releases, which seems to be the proving grounds for the 3DS. It's latest Sony competitor, the PS Vita, will be launching at the same time that many major first party games for the system are supposedly dropping.

    How will this affect the 3DS and third party support? With an increasing number of games delayed or cancelled, it seems like the system may be dominated by Nintendo with third party support dwindling. Could this be yet another nail in the coffin?[/p]

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    Thanks to Feels Good Man for the news!
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