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    From IGN:
    "Early this morning at Konami's celebration of Metal Gear's 20th anniversary, the company rolled out details and footage of Metal Gear Solid Online -- but also announced the opening of the title's beta application process.

    From August 20 to September 3, a closed beta will run for the 3,000 fans lucky enough to successfully make it through the front door. Want in? Keep your eyes trained on the Kojima Productions website -- the selection process is supposed to begin today and run through August 6.

    Metal Gear Online will be available for up to 16 players to duke it out in the same match. Konami showed some of the game today -- we'll have in-depth impressions in a little bit -- and the title seems to revolve around the sneaking tradition of the franchise -- online hide and seek if you will. In an onstage demonstration, the company showcased how the game will run along with a new team system called SOKKU, which allows you quickly and easily access info on your allies. You'll even be able to see them through walls."

    Its said to only be on PS3 and features the same controls as MGS4.

    In other MGS nears, the PSP will get Metal Gear Solid 2: Bande Dessinee, which is a digital comic featuring full voice acting and also a all new MGS mobile game which is said to be set in the MGS 3 world and in full 3D.

    In other news... I don't care, I don't care la la la only ever enjoyed the GBC and MSX games. [​IMG]