Metal Gear Online World Championship 2008

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    Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH announces Metal Gear Online World Championship 2008!

    Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced the first details of its Metal Gear Online World Championship 2008 tournament, which will embark on regional heats in the summer globally with the grand final taking place at October’s Tokyo Game Show event.

    The competition is open to the best Metal Gear Online players from Europe, the US, Japan, and Greater Asia, with the individual territories to host regional championships where the wining teams will receive all-expenses-paid trips to Japan. The first championship will take place in the US at ComiCon in San Diego, with full details of the European heats to be announced via in the coming weeks

    *training for mgo wc 08*
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    I love MGO, but I'm really really horrible at it [​IMG];. It's really hard to practice when I die so quickly.
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    I wish luck to the participants... all three of them.