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Jul 25, 2012
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Assuming you all already know what an Amiga is, I would like to share information about a port of the MSX 2 version of Metal Gear to the Amiga.

"Originally released in 1987 for the MSX2, Metal Gear became an instant classic. Designed by the legendary Hideo Kojima, it spawned a huge franchise in stealth gameplay and is considered one of the top games from the platform. While there are ports for the NES, Spectrum and C64 they were missing a lot of the key details from the original game. An Amiga version was once advertised in a magazine but sadly was consigned to myth and legend. That is until now.

Based on a full and commented disassembly by Manuel Pazos of the original MSX2 game cartridge, this Amiga port has been built to ensure as near a perfect conversion as possible. Gameplay elements remain intact while additional features have been layered on-top to ensure the fullest experience possible of Metal Gear on the Amiga.

  • Code ported from Z80 to 68000 assembly by Hoffman
  • Gameplay adjusted to work at full 50hz/60hz
  • No slow-downs or sprite flicker
  • Multiple game modes
    • English Remix Fan Translation
    • Original European Version
    • Original Japanese Version
    • New Spanish Translation by Akira
  • Enhanced Amiga Soundtrack and SFX by Hoffman
  • Optional emulated MSX / PSG Music and SFX
  • Full support for CD32 gamepad for keyboard-less gameplay
  • Additional character graphics by Toni Galvez
  • All new ending / credits section
  • For any Amiga with 512kb Chip Ram + 512k Other Ram
  • Bootable disk image for low spec Amigas
  • WHDLoad installer by Psygore"

Their web page can be found here Metal Gear – Amiga Port

And a nice Youtube demonstration here:

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