Messing with the backup files ... and a question about the themes

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    This is a discussion !

    So i backed up God eater Burst from my PS Vita, backed up the game Tekken 6 from a UMD and made it into a ISO ...
    I was able to open the files and edit the icon0 , and the param.sfo file to replace them with Tekken's files , i looked on the Vita again and they were replaced , it worked ! nothing new here ...
    i was curious and didn't understand a thing but i compared the sizes of my backup and the original God eater ISO , and they were almost the same size !
    I renamed the ISO file to game.psvimg and replaced it with the original one ( i know that's so stupid but i was just trying xD)
    the size of the game changed on the Vita and when i tried to copy it , it said an error occurred .
    here are the original God Eater, and the edited one :


    i read a bit about the matter and it seemed like these game.psvimg files contain the game files , i think it's a highly secured decrypted ISO of the game, idk .
    so my question is , did any of these hackers out there play with the files a little ? i know they are very secure , but if we got the keys just like what happened with the PS3 scene , would we be able to extract them , replace them with data from other PSP games, and reinstall them again ?
    the question about the themes :
    of course some of you guys read that article on hackinformer about extracting theme files right ? now we can make our own themes for the Vita , but ..
    how can we install them again ? i am sure they are working on a way right now but what do you guys think the method might be ? i am thinking about packing the files into a .pkg file and installing them using pkg installer or something maybe ? idk
    Thanks a lot !