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    Edit: I played around the following day and the equipment I have will not play nice together.

    It seems as well as computer parts I have gained a fairly large amount of network hardware over the years and figured I would see what I can do with it.
    This is very much a no money down situation but I have a soldering iron, a lot of cables/wire,a big drill, wall clips and know how to use them.

    Reading around I came across the follow four very helpful sites but the opinion of some of the 'temp has a history of offering some insight that might otherwise be missed:

    List of equipment + simple description. I have physical/full access to everything listed as well as at least a working knowledge of FTP, telnet, ssh, SMB (windows sharing on windows or samba for everything else) and things "crucial" to a working network and I am certainly happy to read a manual.
    BT Homehub (apparently a Speedtouch7g able to use Speedtouch7g firmware with a bit of effort). Presently uses 6.2.6.E BT "software".
    2 wired ports.
    Wireless (802.11g)
    2 USB ports (one for connections to computers, one for storage, printers and the like both unused although I am considering a storage).
    VOIP phone socket (not used and I doubt it will be).

    I probably could get another but assume there is just the one for now.

    BT Voyager 2000.
    1 wired port
    Wireless 802.11b
    Not sure if it allows sharing of internet as in being a wireless repeater

    3com wired hub (10mbps only ). 8 ports and a coax (I have not seen much less owned a coax cable in about 12 years though)

    BT brand USB only ADSL adapter (later/other ones I have worked with had a wired ethernet port, not sure where it is or even if I want it yet).

    2 long network cables (7 and 10 meters) and about 30 smaller cables ranging from 0.5m to 3 m.

    List of machines/things of interest.
    1 XP machine (presently down but will join the 3 below when I fix it, 802.11b and 2 wired ports)
    1 XP machine (USB wireless 802.11g + wired if necessary sidenote if anyone has an Acer Aspire l320 the vista ethernet drivers have 200, xp and server 2k3 drivers)
    1 Vista machine (wired only and 1 "help with my computer"/1 Vista: compatible with nothing session from being an XP machine (assuming HP have the drivers), apparently warranties are valuable things or I would have stuck a wireless card in long ago and we only have the one USB adapter)
    1 linux machine (puppy linux, wine and with full samba install (stock is client only), wireless 802.11b right now (not sure if anything beyond WEP is supported) and I removed the network card the other day but it can reappear). No need for remote use/admin right now but maybe when the first XP machine gets fixed.

    1 xbox (maybe more in the future), wired only running xbmc. No real need for internet access but network is a must.
    A DS or two and a PSP.
    Several laptops which I can sort when the time comes, they only need basic internet for now. XP+wireless for all of them (if not setup by me at least tweaked heavily).
    A wii but it is doing a good job as a doorstop so I can ignore that for the next few years. If it becomes a decent media center (and looking at homebrew releases/having played with some of the earlier browser stuff it certainly looks to be heading that way) then I will use it.
    People occasionally bring 360s and whatnot around here but that can be sorted when the time comes. No printers at this time and printer sharing is trivial anyhow.

    Present setup.
    I was using the Voyager until I did the EZ5 review and now the Homehub is back on (the Voyager does not play nice with the DS but the homehub only went (it seems to have sorted itself) a slow speeds until I connected a DS using a commercial game whereupon the internet connection/phone line became the limiting factor again).

    My internet connection is BT option 3 (so I do not have to hack either one for use with another ISP) which with the distance from the exchange and other stuff is about 7mbps by the time it gets to me or about the same as 802.11b wireless by the time overhead associated with it is taken into account (I maybe lose 20 kilobytes a second on a bad day (bad day= day when BT have a good connection)).
    The phone point is 3 stories down from the 4 machines and my xbox is usually in the front room about 4 meters from the point (far enough to need a long cable)
    The homehub is 3 stories up courtesy my being bored and splicing an oldcable with 30 meters (perhaps more) of doorbell wire (it is only a 2 wire cable after all). However this has not endeared me to the others in the house (it was just a "temporary" arrangement 4 months ago hence this thread and the present arrangement means wires are exposed).
    The 4 main machines listed are but a few meters apart and use windows/samba to share files (802.11b is fast enough to play files but transfer is a bit more annoying and moreover as we are in the annual Unreal Tournament is/network games are great stage it gets a bit more annoying).
    Games, IM and usenet do not take so kindly to dropped connections and while adhoc can be and has been used in the past for games I would rather not do it.
    The xbox is a stock (hardware wise) 1.6 (10 gig drive formatted to 10 gigs). XBMC is used and as I recently decided to play with network streaming (SMB) I found it makes a nice addition to discs, USB and FTP. Presently I drag it upstairs and stick it a VGA box when playing with the network stuff.
    Only the 4 main machines need to access it but that is not a problem to sort.

    Security: meh, I think the linux machine (either card or drivers) is limited to WEP and DS certainly is. Passwording of file shares is easy enough if I cared, the directories are all read only (being shouting distance from each other it does not pose a problem) and more or less limited to what I am happy for the world to see.
    Each machine has a software firewall, decent AV (software and me), is locked down as much as is practicable and I check manually fairly frequently to see if there is anything that should not be going on.
    OpenDNS is used router side, filtering is done PC side (no router level blocking of anything).

    My plan, stick the voyager on the phone line and throw a signal to the homehub allowing network + internet to whatever needs it via whatever is best/available while allowing speedy games and files via the homehub, wired to xbox via the voyager and slower network stuff to the voyager if necessary. This assumes the voyager is capable of sharing, if not I will probably just get the other homehub and use that instead.
    Assuming the voyager works as I am already speed limited (and it does not matter all that much anyhow) the 3com thing could be used for the xbox and whatever else appears and needs it/
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    Behind you! I know you looked!
    I'm sorry, my brain melted before you finished lol.
    Can you explain what you're trying to achieve in simpler terms?