Menuhax loader, not working with ReiNand/Gateway (N3DS)

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    Jul 16, 2009
    Hi guys,

    I installed Homebrew launcher using oot3dsHax and have some issues with it, I hope one of u can help.

    Usually I use mset exploit to launch ReiNand or OOT for Gateway without any trouble.
    But today I wanted to install Menuhax and use Homebrew launcher to run ReiNand or Gateway.

    So I installed everything and MenuHax seems to work (Holding L while booting).
    When I am in Homebrew launcher, I can't run ReiNand or gateway...I just get a blackscreen?

    The gameboy advance emulator that comes with starterpack of homebew launcher seems to be working without any problem.

    If I use OOT3dHax to run Homebrew launcher then run gateway, that seems to work. Reinand keeps giving me black screen even if I use OOt3dHax.

    I just can't get gateway and reinand to run using MenuHax, am I forgetting something?

    Update: Got gateway working after few tries, but ReiNand still gives me blackscreen while trying to launch it using the Homebrew launcher.

    N3DS XL 9.0
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