Menuhax Documentary

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    Hello, I'm Margen Freeman. Today we will be looking at a species commonly known as Menuhaxers, or Menuhax peasants. Here we seem them in their natural habitat. They are currently waiting for their brains to boot. This, as opposed to the A9LHaxers, takes a very long time, and can even fail on certain occasions. Now, during the afternoon, the oldest of them go to what is known as the Plailect zone. Most of them make it out as proud A9LHaxers, but a few get mauled by the bricks waiting there everyday. Just recently, the home of many Menuhaxers was destroyed after the mods gods became angry, when the leader of the A9LHaxers was killed. The home to many A9LHaxers was also destroyed, but rebuilt by a brave A9LHaxer known as @BurningDesire. During the evening, most of them go to a cliff known as The Forum, stand right on the edge, and start yelling things like "dank maymays" and "spammerino". The A9LHaxers also enjoy doing this, resulting in a fight for who is allowed to do the thing known as "shitposting". At night, both the Menuhaxers and the A9LHaxers go to sleep. In the morning, both have to boot their brains again, so they can play games again, which is the only way for them to stay alive. But since A9LHaxers' brains boot so much faster, they usually pick out all the good games, leaving only shovelware for the poor Menuhaxers.

    This concludes the documentary. I hope you learned something useful.
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    Ten outta ten.
    Hundred outta a hundred.
    Best game.
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    Nice documentary
    U deserve a medal 2DAY
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