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    Just got myself a PSP-3000 recently and I am thinking of getting an MSPD. Would have bought a Sony 16GB one from the store until I decided to do some research. Shops here in Australia are selling it for almost double the price of that in the US. Even Sony Store in the US sells them for a lower price. Sadly Amazon itself doesn't ship to Aus and I don't usually buy from their other sellers.

    Got a few questions to ask. I know Another World asked something similar not long ago but I don't want to hijack his thread AND revive a thread over 1 month old. (BTW what is the policy regarding thread necroing here? Cos I know some forums limit it to 1 month. Couldn't find it on the wiki) Anyway, basically I am thinking of getting one of these:

    - Sony Memory Stick Pro HG Duo 16GB (MSHX16B not A or G, it's the one with 50MB/s write speed)

    - Sandisk MSPD 16GB (SDMSPD-016G-B35) Ebay seller states as B35 while US site states A11 instead. No idea why. Reason I didn't already buy this is because I am still a wee bit skeptical about buying memory sticks off ebay though ratings seem high (99.8%) and the seller has sold quite a lot. Even funnier thing, the Aus site listed it as the Sandisk Ultra MSPHgD (same item #). So can I assume they are the same thing just with different packaging and branding?

    Not too keen on Lexar's MSPD cos they are a bit on the expensive side.
    Not too keen on the microSD adaptor because I have cameras and a camcorder which uses MSPD anyway so I prefer an read deal MSPD. Personal pref.

    tl:dr - Which should I go for? Sony MSPHgD or Sandisk MSPD? Any recommended seller (on eBay or Amazon who ships to Aus while keeping costs below A$100)? Yes I know I am too paranoid for my own good but that is not the discussion here :P
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    Thread necroing with no contribution is looked down upon, but bringing back an older thread to contribute to it is welcome.
    Since you'd just be asking a question though and you have your own stuff to consider, I think in this case a new thread works.
    (But as usual, I'm not a mod.)

    Anyways this is the same sort of situation as picking out a MicroSD for a flash cart... flash cards are generally rated for their write speed (since that's what matters when using them to record pictures and video), but for the purpose of game systems and loading ROMS/ISOs what matters is read speed (including random access time), which is often not indicated in the specs as it's not a main concern for the primary usage of the cards.

    However in general cards with faster write speeds are using better controllers internally and that leads to better read speed since the quality of the card is higher.

    Anyways an official Sony or good Sanddisc works, personally if it's around the same price I'd go for the one with the high advertised write speed due to the above trend.

    EDIT: Redundancy removed.
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    i read that the sony HG cards have 8 connection pins but the psp only has 4 (or something like that). some people say the cards work but i also dug up old packaging photos that said "not for use on the psp".

    i feel for you, its hard to pick a card because there aren't that many left on the market. the pro duo technology is pretty much dead. if you want to go with an actual card (and not an adapter) as i did then i'll recommend the sandisk 16gb. i haven't had any issues with it what-so-ever. i do a ton of emulation, ps1 gaming, and some psp gaming. i have also used it for music and vids.

    there is also the sandisk "gamer" line, they are in translucent cases. those were recommended to me by someone who games a lot, and i almost got one but they don't make them larger than 8gb.

    i got my 16gb from frys electonics. if you don't have them locally then you can try their website. the "gamer" line are here and there but i found them on

    these links may help:

    -another world
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    NVM but really as said above your PSP cannot use the 8 pins so it really only increases speeds when transferring to the PC assuming you have the right ports.
    http://www.joystiq.c...-32gb-of-space/ Proof you won't get better speed there are better articles. Compatibility guide may not be true.
    Lexar 32gb is pretty good and might ship to AUS not to expensive.

    Also Photofast depending on Micro sds inserted can be faster then MSPD.
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