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Nov 11, 2010
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Ok I was just playing legend of dragoon on the wiisx when I finished disc 1 (Knowing that I'm a newb at this and didn't know what to do) it asked for disc 2 so what I did was I hit start and X to go back to the menu. Then I pressed load iso and went to LOD disc 2, loaded the file and went to resume game, sat there for a couple of minutes nothing happened. It just stood at the screen with it saying "Insert Disc 2" so I went back to the main menu went to current ISO and and did disc swap. With the disc 2 went back to resume game still nothing. After that I went back to the wiisx main menu, hit restart load LOD disc 1 and play game, but when I went to the load memory card option there was no memory of my game there why?

Also I didn't deliberately erase nothing because there was no such option on the WiiSX menu. So can someone help me out here on how to get my save memory back for LOD please? I'm dying to play the second disc...

This goes for Version 2.1 of the WiiSX.

Plus my VBA GX is acting screwy to when I was playing a Pocket Monsters game and using the save scram and snap shot feature it gave me a save error which it shouldn't be doing for some reason.... I can't figure out why? and now when I try to play one of my games with it it won't load it keeps giving me a load error and when I hit cancel it loads the game but it won't save it properly even in game save won't work now. So how can I fix this and get my memory back vba GX I didn't delete anything....

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